Business Cloud Computing. Yes, but…

  1. Is it affordable, or are you getting ripped off by the business cloud computing vendor? Do you pay more than $15/£10 per user for all the business apps you need?
  2. Is it an integrated solution, can you get all apps from one cloud computing vendor? Or is the cloud vendor a one trick pony?
  3. Is it a bespoke cloud computing solution for your business, or just an expensive one-fits-all cloud software application?
  4. Does your cloud computing application allow for future changes in your work-flow?
  5. Will your cloud computing software integrate with your online websites, social media and other online apps?
  6. Is your cloud computing solution scalable, when your business expands or shrinks, without penalties?

Any business cloud computing solution for your business must at least offer the above – otherwise just move on to a business cloud computing supplier who can offer you all the benefits.

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