June 2012
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Day June 30, 2012

Is No Knowledge A Valid Defence?

When you are running a business you are responsible for what happens in your business. If your staff makes a mistake you have to fix it. If some of your staff a caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar – you are responsible in as much as you should have done your job…

Customer Loyalty

Getting customer loyalty is hard, loosing it is easy. It is nothing you earn long term, it is something you need to earn over and over. It is a team effort of all your staff, one bad staff member will ruin it forever. It means remembering what happened the last time, name and other details.…

Managing Staff: Four Tips

If you are a manager then you will be familiar with the balancing act needed between being friendly with staff, and letting them know that you are in charge. You may occasionally encounter staff members who want to be your best friend, or, on the other hand, may seem to dislike you simply because you’re…

Is Software Asset Management dead, or has it taken a back seat to License Management?

Software industry specialists worked together back in 2006 to determine an international standard for Software Asset Management which would enable companies to prove that they were in full compliance with the rigorous demands set out in line with ISO/IEC 19700-1. As software still accounts for a large share of a company’s IT budget (especially in…

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