Bankers – Can We Trust Them?

Trust in banks is somewhat fickle, especially if every month brings a new revelation on how banks have been ripping their customers off.

Can we trust politicians to sort this out? Do they have the will or the intellectual capacity to finally put an end to this greedy behavior. Considering that former Prime Ministers are being kept on retainer by some of these institutions, one could come to the conclusion that there may be a lack of objectivity and conflicts of interest.

Are more or even most banks involved in illegal activities? I hope not, but who knows?

Banks have a special place in the economy, special privileges. With that, we have to demand a high standard of responsibility and integrity.

It may not be the Euro crisis that is threatening the City of London, it is the greedy and fraudulent behavior of parts of the banking establishment.

A public inquiry and some jail sentences are required to bring back some trust between enterprise and banks.

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