– Mistake, Sloppy, Incompetent?

Businesses rely on cloud computing vendors to keep their data safe. Problem is, many cloud computing vendors are relying on cloud computing platforms, like, to host their cloud computing offering., however, is having difficulty to keep their data centers online. With a string of data center outages Amazon, is not only bringing their own services into disrepute, but take many other well known names (Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) with them into the proverbial outage gutter.

Point is, there is NO excuse for these kind of outages – and yes I should know, having run my own data center infrastructure for over two decades.

IMO, the verdict is simple:

  • First Outage: Mistake
  • Second Outage: Sloppy
  • Third Outage: Incompetent

Question is, as a platform user, at which stage do you leave, before you become complicit in the incompetence of your cloud platform provider?

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