Business Owner’s Toolbox

Every business owner should make use of these tools to run a successful business, after all it is all about less costs, higher productivity and more income.

Business Owners Toolbox

Here goes:-

  • Business Focus – every-time you make a decision ask yourself how this is going to bring you closer to your business goal?
  • Business Planning – No, I do not mean the 50 page business plan nobody ever reads anyway, I’m talking about cashflow, SWOT, mission, vison and action plan – that’s it.
  • Business Bootstrapping – try to make it without money from a bank or from friends, just do what you can and only spend what you’ve earned.
  • Cloud VAs – Virtual assistants are the ideal way to grow your business, without growing your fixed costs. Timesharing professionals, when you need for how long you need.
  • Business Networks – Ever wondered if other business owners know more than you? Stop wondering and join a free business network of your peers and find out they don’t, but they may have helpful ideas.
  • Cloud Computing – your back-office should be affordable, integrated, highly customisable and adaptable in the future. It should also seamlessly integrate with your online activities.
  • Social Media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Co are a great way to find new clients, engage with clients and grow your business, best of all it is free.
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