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Keep Up, Won’t You? Look I’m sorry, dear readers, that I haven’t been in touch for a while. I’ve been smack up against a publisher’s deadline. I’ve been finishing off my latest erotic thriller, ’50 Sheds du Lait’. It’s about a fit French dairy farmer investigating the disappearance of big supermarket bosses. Anyway, writing the ‘ooh la la’ first meeting of the stylish lady chief of police with the farmer with the fabulous six pack, reminded me how unfortunate I’d been to ever meet Tony Robinson OBE. My first meeting with my hapless, hopeless and sadly dressed excuse for an agent was certainly unforgettable.

It was in January 2003, just before his company’s, ‘MicroBiz Inspiration Awards’ event at Europe’s premier business conference centre – the Spa in Scarborough. I’d guessed that I was about to be introduced to a famous comedy actor and television presenter. Instead, this talentless, fashion disaster appeared in front of me. He tripped over his briefcase, threw his red wine over my Stella McCartney, introduced himself as ‘Arm Turnie Robbins’ and continued to mispronounce most of the English language whilst clumsily mopping me and my dress with his tie.

Double Whammy Success Tips

However, there were two things he said that night which, nearly ten years later, I’ve realised have been proven true time after time for successfully starting and running your own business. He said ‘Focun widding cussmers ankajfleur iskin’ which translated means ‘Focus on winning customers and cashflow is king’.

Even I, a celebrity fashionista, best selling author and investigative journalist, can sometimes get distracted by such as tall, lean but muscled athletes at the Olympics or Olly Murs. One can forget to focus on winning customers and cashflow is king but one does so at one’s peril. Customers and cashflow do come together every time I negotiate a new client contract.

For example, I’ve realised it’s worth negotiating what the client sees as a lower daily rate for my services in exchange for an annual contract. This gives me monthly payments directly credited to my account on the first of each month. Similarly, if I’m working in a country where I need office premises for me and my team of hunks, then I’d rather pay a little more for easy in, easy out terms – I can get out with a month’s notice rather than get tied into a fixed term lease.

Wanted: Enterprising Landlords

Which reminds me just how infuriated I get with your local councils and institutional landlords. Their lack of interest in harnessing the dynamism and creativity of start ups and micro enterprise, when it comes to their letting shop and office space on the high street, is a disgrace. They’ll often allow the high street to get run down and lose all its footfall because of empty premises whilst they wait for long term leases at inflated prices.

The aforesaid rubbish agent of mine, Robinson, is a Director of the Enterprise Agency in Scarborough which has four large buildings with shops, workshops and offices used by over 120 micro enterprises. It offers easy in, easy out terms and yet always has over 95% occupancy of its buildings. So really there is very little risk for the landlord in offering easy in easy out terms to start ups. Large organisations can get very good deals from micro enterprise owners if they realise just how important cash flow is to the micro enterprise owner.

If you’re a micro enterprise owner you should get involved with the free to join Enterprise Rockers movement as they are challenging the very best large organisations to prove that they pay micro enterprise owners’ bills on time Cash flow is King

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