A Woman, still in a Man’s World

The equal pay act was passed in 1970, and you guessed it, us women are still low earners compared to our male counterparts, sometimes earning only ¾ of a man in the same job. In a world where everyone is seen as equal, everyone should be paid equally right? Especially if they are working the same hours and doing the same job. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that throughout their lifetime’s, women have a significant amount of time off work if they chose to have children, which means they have less experience than men and so are paid less. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this, but this extra experience still should not equate to a pay check of an extra 25% compared to that of a woman’s.

The problem with inequality is it drives a wedge in between the two parties. Women feel as though they are being singled out and as a result will chose not to consult a man when they need help. They would rather struggle and do it alone, trying to prove to both herself and the men she works with that she is just as good as them. I speak from experience- by day I am a medical student and see first-hand the problems these inequalities can have. Female doctors can get paid up to £20,000 a year less than a man doing the same job, even if they have never taken maternity leave. This is frustrating to all women training to become doctors as we have worked our whole lives off and are still not considered as good as men. Not to mention the usual ‘How are you finding being a nurse then love?’ comments from our patients that we have to put up with, and I’m sure my male colleagues have never had to have that conversation. This feeling of men being superior makes me want to outdo them in every way, meaning I will always bypass them to ensure they do not get any of the credit for my work. A business cannot run like this.

By night I work for a company called Search Laboratory, where men and women in the same job are paid the same. Where fruit boxes and sandwiches are delivered twice a week; we even have a monthly work night where we all do an activity together, and believe me, this makes a world of difference. For once I feel as though I am on par with the men sitting next to me, not just because of the pay, but because my workplace is a community where everyone has a say, everyone is treated equally and we are all valued members of the team.

Search laboratory was voted the 10th best small company to work for by the Sunday Times this year and rightly so. Every member of your team should always feel as though they are working together as a unit, not individually to get ahead or your business will never progress. Take them on a corporate day out where they all have their own T-shirt with their name on, take them for a meal once a month, and involve them in all decisions; make them feel as though they are part of something. Your company will thank you for it in years to come and what’s more, you will be heading the market for equality for all-including men and women.

This helpful article was provided by Niqui Stubbs.

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