Unemployed Lazy?

We, WinWeb, have had multiple job offers on our website for months and months, not a single CV has hit our inbox! Why is that, are unemployed lazy?

As a small business owner I don’t want to work with agencies as they charge a lot of money for very little service. They say they select the people that are right for the job, but experience has shown me over decades that employment agencies just don’t work, at least not for me.

If you had someone who looked at your business and thought, “Great products, like the look of things, could be a great place to work!” – in other words they found you, instead of you having to find them – wouldn’t you be much more inclined to give them a go.

Instead you get lots of strings attached, 20% of the salary offered has to be paid to the employment agency, all the risk is with your business.

In my opinion, people who just use agencies are to lazy to look for work, would you hire someone like this? They may have a attitude problem and when it gets a little difficult they let other people do their jobs.

Where are all these unemployed who really want a job?

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