The Power of We = Enterprise Rocks!

Today is Blog Action Day and at the Small Business Blog we wanted to use this opportunity to highlight a cause that is very important to us: Micro Business survival.

Micro enterprises are defined as any business from any sector with less than ten employees. These make up the backbone of the economy, so protecting them and their interests is essential to the overall health of the business sector. Our friends at Enterprise Rockers banded together in 2011 with this in mind.

Enterprise Rockers want to make life better and fairer for micro business owners and achieve recognition for the 4.5 million people who effectively keep the UK afloat by choosing to run their own small enterprise. These entrepreneurs should not be ignored by Government and by banding together their voices have a greater chance of being heard.

Part of the Rockers mission is to encourage these micro businesses to trade with one another and also to convince the public to support them wherever possible by favouring independent retailers over large corporations.

The organisation also works to convince young people that starting their own micro business is the best solution to tackling youth unemployment and the lack of opportunities available to them. Enterprise Rockers can direct these novice entrepreneurs towards resources and mentoring that will increase their chances of avoiding business failure.

It doesn’t even cost anything to become an Enterprise Rocker, so joining them is a win-win situation for everybody. You will be added to the Rockers database and appear in search results, so you will quickly find and connect with other entrepreneurs in your local area that share the same ideas about micro business as you!

So the action our readers should take on Blog Action Day this year should be to register yourself as a Rocker and start benefiting from the increased exposure for your micro business.

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