10 Reasons to Provide a Comfortable Environment in Your Office This Winter

With winter fast approaching and temperatures already starting to dip, your business or organisation may be pondering about this year’s heating arrangements. No one wants to work in an environment which is too cold, and you as the management of your business doesn’t want to have employees lacking in productivity and with low morale. Below are 10 reasons why heater hire is important this winter.

#1 – Don’t overspend. If your business is located within a large working area such as a large warehouse, localised heaters provided by heater hire are far more cost effective than either installing a whole heating system into the location, or the cost of heating the entire building.

#2 – Only pay for what you use. Weather and temperature is often pretty sporadic, often the coldest days in winter are followed by the mildest. By utilising heater hire specialists, you only have to hire the heaters during the coldest periods (and they can be available on same day hire).

#3 – Flexible locations. With permanent heating systems the heat sources are dictated by permanent, fixed locations; however, with heater hire you get added flexibility. If you have a receptionist in an area with frequently opening doors, they’ll be a lot happier with a localised heater especially for them in the colder months.

#4 – Have granular control of your heating. If there are areas of your office which aren’t in use every day, you can either turn these heaters off on the days when these areas are empty, return them to the hire provider or re-locate them for use elsewhere in your office space.

#5 – Boost morale. Morale is directly related to working conditions. You probably can’t do a lot to affect the required workload, however, the temperature of the environment is in your control. Ensure that the temperature of the workplace is set to a comfortable working environment.

#6 – Heater hire specialists can also provide other useful environmental devices such as cooling (not probably needed this winter!) and dehumidifiers. For those working environments which are in damp areas it isn’t just your workers that can be affected, it can be your equipment too. By hiring dehumidifiers you can ensure that there isn’t excess moisture or dampness in the air.

#7 – Improve your company’s green credentials. By revealing to customers and local companies that you make use of hire services for your heating you are showing that you are actively reducing not only your costs, but also your carbon footprint by only heating when required.

Make old radiators a distant memory

#8 – Reduce your support cost overhead. Have you ever had an internal heating system breakdown? Perhaps radiators that are leaking or a boiler which stops working? By using hire specialists you can get free support for the heaters you hire, completely alleviating your reliability concerns this year.

#9 – Focus on customers. If you have customers visiting your business location you want them to be as comfortable as possible whilst on your premises. Why not use the hired heating facilities in a focused area to ensure the environmental conditions are perfect for visitors.

#10 – Make full use of the portability. As you may be hiring the heaters for long term contracts, their portability comes in handy as they are easy to store when not in use and not a permanent eyesore in your office locations as old radiators can be.

This helpful post was sponsored by Rapid Climate Control.

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