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Day December 11, 2012

Balancing the unwritten needs of employees with the needs of the company make good business sense.

The factors that contribute to the ultimate success of a business are well known to most entrepreneurs and Business Advisors. However Psychology introduces the importance of the need to balance the the unwritten needs of employees with the needs of the company. As psychologists we explore the complexities of what happens when perceived reality of…

How Print Media is helping to Drive Mobile Commerce

Much has been written in the press and by bloggers about the impending death of print advertising but is this really the case or is it simply an evolving format? Recent research and reports from Mobile Commerce Daily suggests the latter with marketers now looking at new ways to connect traditional print advertising with mobile…

Top 5 Tips for Surviving the Next 12 Months

Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. 1. Take a close look at your current relationship with suppliers. Is there anything that can be done to sweeten the deal for both of you? Perhaps entering some kind of agreement with…

4 simple ways to promote yourself as a contractor

One of the issues many independent contractors struggle with is self-promotion. If you’re one of those, the time for being shy is over. Here we share four business-boosting ways to promote yourself and your services. 1. Have an impressive CV Does your CV do an excellent job of showing who you are and, more importantly,…

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