How Print Media is helping to Drive Mobile Commerce

Much has been written in the press and by bloggers about the impending death of print advertising but is this really the case or is it simply an evolving format? Recent research and reports from Mobile Commerce Daily suggests the latter with marketers now looking at new ways to connect traditional print advertising with mobile technology.

One of print advertising’s big talking points over the years has been measuring a return on investment. Businesses have often felt that while they experienced an increase in brand awareness they were unable to see a direct impact on their bottom line. This has largely been due to the disconnected between sales channels and print advertising. This however is changing with evolving technology and the introduction of sophisticated tracking technologies. Businesses can now directly correlate specific print adverts with sales, an important metric for any marketing department.

The explosion of mobile technology and of course smart phone usage has also helped to open up whole new possibilities for marketers and is helping to bridge the gap further. We are now seeing print adverts being used to drive mobile engagement and sales. You only have to look down the high street these days to see great examples of this.

With so many possibilities it is difficult to see just where print advertising will end up but the aim remains same. QR codes for example have become extremely popular in the last couple of years but has failed to become a truly mass market medium. This is largely because of the failure to include default QR scanners into mobile operating systems. The jury is still out but print advertisers have been testing these extensively and delivered some great results in some sectors.

Other marketers have homed in on mobile search and specific search phrases. Advertisers such as Orange display specific search phrases on its billboards and prompts people to type these in to Google on their mobile devices. This takes them on a journey and in turn translates to sales. This approach of course has its risks but has also worked well for some of the larger corporations.

In recent times advertisers have looked at newer technologies such as Apple’s Passbook. This is yet to really take off but regardless of the technology the aim remains the same. Marketers understand the importance of mobile and want to generate interest from the print advert and drive them to a point of action. Whether this be visit a website, make a phone call or simply download an app. It sounds simple but the skill is in the delivery.

Of course to get this right takes careful planning. Clear goals need to be set and ways to track performance is essential. Call tracking technology is also becoming increasingly popular and provides an easy way for businesses to track performance. So, yes, print advertising still has its place and if done right can be prove extremely effective. So don’t rule it out in your marketing plan.

This article was sponsored by Serilith, a Swiss based print company.

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