Are you struggling with content for your blog?

I expect the vast majority of us know, by now, that blogging is good for business. We know that effective blogging is a vital element of our marketing strategy; it encourages customer engagement and attracts traffic to the website.

And yet, some still hold back from doing so.

Lack of time is a major factor. After all, our foremost concern is a business to run. Our blog can become a project that is relegated to the back burner – left to simmer until we have more time to indulge. More on that in another post!

Just occasionally, however, we hold back because we feel we have nothing to blog about.

Think about it – nothing to blog about? As in, ‘nothing to wear’ perhaps?

If you have ever felt like this, perhaps it’s because with so much information on the Internet, you feel that much of what you’d like to say has been said already.

While that might be true, it needn’t stop you. Think of your blog as the perfect platform to tell a story.

Business leaders and motivational speakers often use story telling as a means of motivating and engaging their teams or followers, and it’s a strategy that you can use just as effectively with your blog.

Use personal stories:

Use your blog to tell your story. This doesn’t necessarily mean revealing the minutiae of your daily life – unless, of course, you feel comfortable doing so and you know that your customers are comfortable with it too; your line of business will dictate that. (I use the term ‘customers’, but you can also read ‘followers’, ‘clients’, or whoever your intended audience might be).

All it really means is using experiences from your life as a reference point and then telling a story in a way that is customer-focused, or supports your brand.

An example of how you might do this is demonstrated here on the SME-Blog, with Stuart Anderson’s article “Markets – a lesson in business” – a visit to his local market and then drawing upon experiences of growing up in Devon.

Have a look around you, what everyday situations do you encounter? How can you use these to illustrate why your business adds value to your customer.

Revisit why you started your business, or why you launched your product. Often the ‘why’ is a clue to what you can write about.

Your product or service has a story:

You don’t have to use a personal story. Why not use your product or service instead. Share stories about how your product was made, or where it was sourced from. Fairtrade chocolatiers, Divine Chocolate does this well, by sharing stories of its farmers in Ghana.

Have you had to overcome challenges in getting your product to market – a David versus Goliath story of micro-biz owner versus giant producer? Stories like this don’t devalue you in the eyes of your customers – they make you more believable, more authentic, someone that people can and want to identify with. Think Seth Godin’s “Tribes.”

Similarly, as a service provider, share your passion for your subject. Which of these do you think would be more memorable – a blog post with a list of bullet points on how to write killer headlines or the story of how headlines have changed over the years?

The next time you’re stumped for something to blog about, re-think the way you view your life’s experiences in relation to your business or brand; view your product or service as a subject matter. See whether you can use them to weave in a story. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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