Must Have Gadgets for the Modern Entrepreneur

The world of technology is moving at an ever increasing pace, and with it businesses and the people who run them must adapt and take advantage of these advancements. To work effectively in the modern world there a few must have gadgets and some others that are quickly becoming necessities. The following are just a few but for people in different industries there will undoubtedly be others.


A smartphone is in many ways the swiss army knife of business gadgets. At the core it offers the user an always on, easy way of keeping in touch with colleagues, clients, suppliers and anyone else they may need to deal with on a daily basis. Gone are the days of stacks and stacks of business cards in a suit jacket pocket, now all you need is a trusty smartphone to keep all your contacts and leads organised.

Email is still the primary communication channel for the vast majority of businesses both internally and externally. RIM pioneered email on the go with their hugely successful BlackBerry range of smartphones although Apple and Google are quickly taking a large amount of their once dominant market share.

On top of the communication functions there are many other uses for the smartphone in a business context. If you’ve ever found yourself wandering around a city aimlessly trying to find your way to a meeting you will know how helpful walking directions from a map application can be. As for time management, built in calendar and reminders applications that can sync over the air with your other devices will make organising appointments and projects a breeze.


Still considered a luxury item by many, tablet computers are very quickly taking a role in the way people conduct business. Millions of people around the world commute to and from work every day and a tablet computer can make catching up on business news and getting a head start on emails a pleasurable experience.

Tablet computers can also be the perfect meeting companion. If you’re leading the meeting you can take your notes in with you and if you need to make notes during the proceedings you won’t need to annoy your colleagues by tapping on a laptop keyboard.

If you are lucky enough to have time to relax and take a break during the day you could recline in your chair, put your feet up and enjoy a quick game or read a chapter of your favourite book right there on your tablet.


As useful as a smartphone and tablet are for day to day business productivity, nothing quite compares to the screen real estate, physical keyboard and power of a laptop. Writing a proposal, managing accounts or really any other serious work really requires the use of a fully featured computer.

Unless you are in an industry that requires the use of a powerful workstation there is really no reason to use a desktop rather than a laptop. The portability factor of a laptop when combined with a tablet and a smartphone really completes the perfect trifecta of productivity gadgets for the business person on the go.

Personal Wifi Hotspot

If your profession requires a lot of travel but you always need to stay connected, the wireless capabilities of your phone and tablet may not be enough. Trains, hotels and other public places often promise Wifi connectivity these days but in reality you may not get what you expect. A personal Wifi hotspot will ensure you always have internet connectivity, wherever you find yourself on your travels. Some modern phones offer this functionality but often with less features and to the detriment of battery life.

Presentation Remote with Laser Pointer

If you’ve ever had to stand in a room full of people and present a slideshow you’ll know the frustration in having to click a mouse or press a button on the keyboard to advance to the next slide. You might also have difficulty pointing out certain parts of each slide to your audience. A wireless presentation remote with built in laser pointer will solve both of these problems allowing you to seamlessly transition between slides and point out any particularly pertinent points.

Bluetooth Headset

If you do a lot of driving during the work day then a bluetooth headset is a necessity but even in the office and out and about they can be useful. Freeing up both of your hands and being able to talk wirelessly on the phone makes note taking or doing other tasks at the same time far easier.

These are of course only a handful of the gadgets used in the daily lives of business people around the world and some people may not consider all of them ‘must have’. If you think any obvious business gadgets have been overlooked or any don’t belong here why not leave a comment.


Michael Bolt is Managing Director at Need More Time who specialise in offering small and medium enterprises virtual office, administration and call answering services for their business.

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