Think Big, Start Small: How to Save Money on Technology

For most small businesses, the phrase ‘think big’ is an often used mantra. As a result, the temptation to overspend on company computers and state-of-the-art technology can be huge.

However, with a whole range of other overheads to consider – from utility bills to keeping the staff room stocked with supplies – it’s actually advisable to start off doing the opposite. Before splashing out on entire computing suites and smartphones, consider the following options for keeping those sky high technology costs as low as possible…


Whether you employ just a couple of people or a whole team, try and begin by utilising the technology you already have. This might mean asking people to use personal devices for work purposes, or even transferring what you have at home into the office for the time being. Don’t think this a sloppy way of cutting corners, it could actually prove quite popular with employees; the ‘bring your own device’ scheme offers convenience as well as the opportunity for people to use technology they are already comfortable with.


With any entrepreneurial spirit there also comes the desire to aim high, and although this type of passion and enthusiasm is vital, it can also be detrimental at times. Before making excessive purchases, try to think: is it necessary for the business? If the answer is no, consider it again at a later date. Although coffee machines and company cars are great perks, they certainly won’t increase profit.


Alternatively, if you’re finding other overheads are limiting the amount left to buy vital technology items, try downsizing and look for cheaper deals on your broadband or phone services. On the other hand, with lots of retailers offering discounted computers for business purposes, try searching for Hewlett Packard vouchers or a Dell discount code to help bring the price of desktops down.

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