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Day February 28, 2013

Infographic: China now leads the world in online shopping

Infographic: China now leads the world in online shopping

Has your small business ever sold anything to China? If not, don’t be surprised if you do in the near future. You probably already know that the spending power of China’s rising middle class is changing the global retail landscape forever, but you may be surprised at how enthusiastic they are about spending their earnings…

Being #1

Comes with enormous responsibility. The failure, the success, or a somewhat tacky mix of both- whatever result that your team achieves, they say, is a direct result of your leadership. At one time I really hated to think that having a successful team was all up to me- after all people came around with their…

Is Good CSR Important for Small Companies?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is increasingly in the limelight these days, especially since social media has given businesses a platform with which to appear more ‘human’. Facebook and Twitter are not only good marketing tools; they can offer companies the opportunity to interact directly with customers, and instantly address any bad PR in an appropriate…

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