How to ease pressure in the workplace

An endless stream of deadlines, fellow staff members constantly asking you for a favour and a To-Do list that just appears to go on and on and on can easily lead to even the calmest of employees getting stressed.
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However, there are a number of ways for employers to ease the pressure that is put on their workforce without a detrimental effect on productivity.

Make sure employees are taking care of themselves

Stress can easily develop simply because people are not taking care of themselves away from the office. While an employer should refrain from trying to totally control a staff member’s personal life, there are some useful tips which can be given to help them cope better at work.

For example, the choice of food that people consume could be impacting on their stress levels. Too low a blood sugar level will make you feel anxious and irritable, while eating more than what you should can leave you lethargic.

This in-depth health guide is useful if you plan on encouraging your workforce to eat healthier in the future.

Meanwhile, a major side-effect of going into work with a lack of sleep is that you will be more prone to suffering from stress. On the flip side, being well-rested helps you to maintain your emotional balance and cope better when the tasks begin to build up.

Refrain from acting like Superman

The last thing that an employee should do, or an employer to hint at, is to try to complete more tasks in a day than they have time for.

As such, it is always wise to avoid scheduling in meetings or deadlines too close to one another or planning a huge to do list. While you may feel that everything can be done, just one interruption or a meeting taking longer than you think will push everything back.

On the topic of organisation, waking up at the latest possible time and then rushing into the office is only going to lead to people arriving at work instantly stressed. Leaving the house 10 to 15 minutes earlier is not going to be the end of the world, and you’ll feel all the better for doing it.

Outsource a portion of the work

You are bound to feel the strain if you try to juggle all of your normal work commitments with such tasks as ensuring employees are arriving in the office on time and pay is being put through correctly.

Fortunately, outsourcing providers are available to enable managers to pass a number of non-core – but still important – aspects of their company on to specialists in the field.

For instance, a leading payroll agency such as Moorepay is made up of experienced members of staff who can ensure that each one of a company’s employees is paid their wage accurately and always on time.

There are many benefits to outsourcing some services. As well as obviously enabling employers to focus on core activities around a workplace, businesses will not need to worry about training staff up to complete non-core tasks or worry about making mistakes by delving into processes which they only have a minimal amount of knowledge about.

This helpful business advice was sponsored by Moorepay.

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