Royal Mail vs. Post Office

Royal Mail vs. Post Office

You know the feeling of being speechless because something is so stupid and idiotic? That was me this morning in our local ‘Royal Mail’ office!

I went in to post two letters and decided to have them go by express! ‘You can’t do that here, you’ll have to go to a Post Office. We can only send by your letters by normal AirMail!’

There I was, speechless – this was just wrong and so stupid on so many levels, I just did not know where to begin.

‘Excuse me’, was all that would come out. ‘Yes we are two separate companies now, we only deliver the post!’

After this further information salvo (delivered with a smile, I say that), my jaw hit the floor, my brain was flooded with even more questions, I just paid for my two letters via AirMail and left! As there was clearly nothing more to be said.

Now back at my desk – here are a couple of questions:

  • If the Royal Mail only delivers mail, how come I can send AirMail?
  • If I can AirMail, why not express my mail?
  • What about customer service? Surely if you pick up mail or a parcel, it is a good time to post whatever you have at the same time!
  • What about parcels, only via Parcel Force now?
  • Which genius thought this up? And has he/she been fired yet?

This is a typical example of an organisation losing touch with it’s customers and services it provides.

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