Is your judgment ‘clouded’?

Is your judgment ‘clouded’?

Scanning the news this morning I found a great piece of writing by David Yanofsky on (the pink graphic is from them too).

David argues there are no technology companies anymore, or at least they should not be called tech company anymore. He is right. All the examples he gives show clearly that the synonym ‘tech’ is used to confuse markets and consumers.

Skype for instance is a telephony company, using technology to provide service to their customers. David makes many more valid examples.

It occurred to me that it is the same with this whole discussion about cloud computing vs. on-premise software. Who cares? Look past all the scare mongering and hype re. cloud. Then all the good old rational questions re-appear, ROI, implementation cost, business interruption, data back-up, etc.

So why the hype you ask? As David would say, it’s used to ‘cloud’ our judgement!

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