UK Budget a Punch & Judy Show?

UK Budget a Punch & Judy Show?

Anyone watching the UK Chancellors Budget yesterday must wonder what kind of institution these so called MPs belong to, at times it looked more like a pub crawl.

What really gets me even more is that these politicians must believe us all to be stupid.

Labour – Balls & Milliband – should realise that it was a Labour government that got us into this mess. Every-time the Lobour Government opened their mouth, money fell out, our money, money we could not afford. Brown was not only incompetent as a PM, but as Chancellor too! In my opinion every-time a Labour MP gets up he/she should start with, “I apologise for the mess we got us all into ….’! Little coming from the Labour front bench is constructive, helpful or more than a cheap stab at the government.

You certainly did not need to read The Evening Standard to know long in advance what the Labour front-bench would have to say about the budget.

Conservatives – the budget was not as good as it could have been for micro-business. But IMO it was at least coherent and hopefully will go some way to restore some faith in the future of business in the UK. Productive jobs need to be created, public over-heads reduced and the ‘really’ hard-up supported – I think the budget could go some way in achieving this.

Lib-Dems – they really need to get a grip and work out where they stand, or is clinging to power the only ambition left in this party?

In all, budget OK – behaviour of our elected representatives appalling – don’t we deserve better?

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