Top 5 Tips for Small Businesses Going Mobile


The Who sang about “Going Mobile” back in 1971 but little did they know how important mobile technology would be to us over forty years later. Your business can benefit a lot from mobile technology but before you dive in with both feet there are some important things you should consider. Here are our Top 5 Tips:

1. Travelling becomes so much easier if your business fully embraces mobile. You will be able to work remotely even if you are on the train to meet a client and any time that would previously have been wasted is now perfect for doing things like managing your admin remotely over the Cloud.

2. Some rural areas of the country have extremely low broadband speeds, to the point where it makes working online almost impossible. Mobile reception is not always great in these areas either but the chances are that it will be better than broadband speeds – and with 4G rolling out everywhere, things are just going to get faster.

3. Mobile websites are quickly becoming essential for small businesses. You may have a great website for your business that cost a lot of money to develop, but unless you have a version that is optimised for the numerous mobile devices that people today use to access the web then visitors are likely to find it is broken.

4. Security is an important thing to consider if you are going to be working on mobile devices (or if you will be allowing staff to do so). A smartphone or tablet is easily stolen, plus these devices are increasingly becoming the favourite target of hackers and malware is on the rise. At the very least you should make sure a copy of your data is stored in the Cloud.

5. It is expected that in the next year or so there will be an explosion in the amount of microtransactions that are made via smartphone rather than credit cards. There are numerous apps available already that will let your customers pay for things in this fashion so if you own a small business that sells low-value items this might be worth implementing. It might seem like a novelty now but it will soon become the norm.

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