Is your business still confused by the Cloud?

Is your business still confused by the Cloud?

A surprisingly low number of small business owners actually understand what the Cloud means, according to a new study conducted by Wakefield Research.

eWeek reports that from the survey of 500 US small businesses, only 28% said they completely understood the concept of Cloud Computing. 42% of them said they were not using any form of Cloud Computing in their business and 35% were using it only for storing their data.

75% of the businesses surveyed felt that a crashed computer was more disruptive to their business than a sick employee and again 75% said that tech malfunctions have negatively affected their business through missed deadlines or opportunities – the irony being that Cloud Computing could easily make hardware less of an issue for them.

Over half of them say they prioritise technology related capital investments like software and mobile apps, but 66% said they are frequently overwhelmed by the amount of new technology available to help them run their business.

A whopping 86% have had experienced a reduction in office productivity due to technology not working properly. Because of this, nearly a third would give up a week’s worth of vacation just to ensure that tech malfunctions never happened in their business again!

via eWeek

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