Largest Cyber Attack in history taking place now

Largest Cyber Attack in history taking place now

Five national cyber-police-forces are investigating the biggest Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack in history, according to the BBC.

The ongoing attack is causing global internet slowdown. The sheer scale of this attack has never been seen before and it has been going on for well over a week.

It has been targeted at a non-profit organisation called Spamhaus that helps internet service providers filter spam. Criminal gangs from Russia and Eastern Europe are believed to be responsible.

The attacks that Spamhaus are under have been at a sustained force of 300 gigabits per second. To put that in context, an attack of 50 gigabits would be enough to down a bank and one of this magnitude would easily take down Downing Street. Spamhaus is only still standing because of their distributed infrastructure between London and Geneva.

So why does this cause your home or business internet connection to run slower than usual? Well, if you think of the information superhighway as an actual highway, there is so much traffic on there right now that the on and off ramps are blocked.

Has your business been affected at all by slower internet speeds? Do you worry that this sort of problem is only going to get worse in the next few years? Leave us a comment below.

via BBC News

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