Mobile Devices Improving Business Efficiency

Mobile Devices Improving Business Efficiency

A massive 94% of mobile users surveyed in the 2012 CDW Survey believed that using smartphones at work made them more efficient and 85% of IT managers said they make the enterprise as a whole more efficient. This is despite the popular myth that smartphones are too distracting in the workplace and will lead to a lack of focus.

Many of the IT managers (79%) even issued smartphones to their workforce, but despite this only 51% of the respondents felt that they have an effective IT strategy in place to manage smartphone usage.

The vice president of CDW’s small business division Jill Billhorn believes mobility helps “small businesses appear larger, react to a customer base and react faster to trends in their business.”

But this research was US-based, so the Guardian Small Business Network is currently running a poll to find out whether or not UK businesses feel the same. Make sure you hop over to The Guardian and let them know what you think.

via The Guardian Small Business Network

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