Top 5 Tips for Promoting Your Business with Videos


As a small business you probably don’t have a large budget for advertising. In fact, you probably don’t even have an advertising budget. Thankfully one of the most effective methods of online marketing – video – is actually really cheap to produce. With a bit of creativity, your promotional videos could be seen on a massive scale. Here are our Top 5 Tips:

1. This is a (not-so) secret about video: search engines love it! No matter what you search for online, you are almost guaranteed to get video results appear near the top. That’s why it is becoming increasingly essential for businesses to create video content that will appear in their search results.

2. In order for your video to be picked up by search engines as much as possible you will need to optimise it. This is not particularly difficult and will only involve filling out all of the descriptive fields associated with that video – so don’t forget to give it a great title, put it in the correct categories and tag it properly.

3. Don’t limit yourself to only one video host. Although YouTube is the biggest player in town there are numerous other services that allow you to upload content too. Perhaps you could even host some videos on your own website.

4. Make sure that your videos are genuine and truly represent your business and the products you sell. The only thing worse than not making videos is making videos that are inauthentic.

5. Finally, all of your videos should ideally end with some kind of call to action. Direct the viewer to click a link to your website or subscribe to your channel, rather than just closing the window and forgetting about you

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