Top tips for hosting a stress-free conference

Putting on a conference is a daunting experience for even the most experienced event organiser, as unless everything from the venue to the speakers to the catering to the attendees works, then it cannot be seen as a success.

Naturally enough, this means organising a conference can be a very stressful process – but with our top tips, even the newest event organiser should be able to keep focused and organise a great event with minimal stress.

The key things to get in place early are the date, the venue and the theme of the conference, as everything else flows from this.

Using a specialist venue takes a lot of the stress away, as their packages cover a multitude of locations, budgets and needs, and making sure your planned date does not clash with any other industry events gives you the best chance of securing the calibre of speakers and attendees that you want.

That done (as far ahead of the actual event as possible), then you need to start raising awareness of your conference at the same time as booking any additional speakers and organising breakout events, entertainment or icebreakers.

Getting the date out there is important, as even people who want to come won’t be able to if they are committed elsewhere, so add a footer to any emails you send, as well as posting on any social media sites that you have a professional profile on. Don’t be afraid to update this regularly – any time that you have new information to share, or an exciting new confirmed speaker to share, then repeat your message. Don’t assume that once people know they will come or not – often a nudge works wonders in getting delegates to commit.

Sending teasers out, either via email or on social media sites, is also a great way to pique interest – particularly if you have early bird offers on accommodation or tickets. No-one wants to feel that they are missing out!

If you have or contribute to an industry blog, try and get at least one plug in, and write a punchy, succinct yet catchy press release that you can send to any relevant industry publications.

Having attracted delegates, make sure their time with you is as rewarding as possible. Extensive information welcome packs start any event off on a good footing, while well-organised days with plenty of breaks for networking and lots of short, focused sessions keep things lively and fresh.

This sponsored article was written and published in association with Meetings Four You, a conference venue provider in Bristol, Oxford and throughout the UK.

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