Cloud Computing Is Like A Pizza Delivery

Cloud Computing Is Like A Pizza Delivery

The doorbell rings, which indicates our take-away has arrived. “Hello Mr. Töpfer, how are you? Had a great Easter? Could have been a little warmer.” We talk a little about the weather, I pay him and thank him for his service – I like my little conversations with him, he always has an interesting point of view on things.

There are other fast-food businesses in the area, but we stick with these guys. I guess reason being, we know what we get and we know the people in the business.

This is similar to any other business relationship, including being a cloud computing software vendor. And it works in local markets or verticals the same, the real business value is the client relationship – now more than ever.

So far the differentiation factor was, as software vendor you could write software, something not just anyone could do. That has changed, anyone with good client relationships can have their own CloudAPP in a few days, without ever writing a single line of code!

This increases competition and provides customised and affordable solutions to our clients. So how do we differentiate ourselves?

By fostering better and more honest client relationships!

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