Infographic: US CEO Pay Ratio

Without a great CEO a company can quickly lose its way. Corporations are often described as moving slowly and taking a long time to change direction, much like a boat. If this is the case, then the CEO is the rudder – a very small part of the boat but absolutely vital for making sure that it is headed the right way.

With that in mind, CEOs are often paid a huge amount more than every other person in the business. The interesting infographic below puts the pay of a number of high profile CEOs in perspective against the average wage for that company.

It’s interesting to note that the two companies with the highest CEO-to-worker pay ratios are the ones with the least employee satisfaction, although seemingly this is not always the case as employees of Honeywell and Walt Disney are very happy despite the low ratio.

Do you think it matters what the CEO is paid or is the stability and direction of the company too important to risk losing them?

CEO Pay in Perspective
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