Twitter on the prowl or “How I lost 20,000 followers in a week”

Twitter on the prowl or “How I lost 20,000 followers in a week”

I don’t check my followers on Twitter very regularly but I’ve noticed that at some point between Easter Monday and this afternoon on Friday, I have lost nearly 20,000 of them. But far from being annoyed, I’m actually glad.

Twenty thousand is a massive amount of people and you might think I would be angry about it – but the problem is that very few of them actually were people.

Twitter has had a huge problem with spam accounts ever since it first opened. Spambots constantly follow you in the hope that you will follow them back or click on a link in their profile.

So I’m actually glad that Twitter is having a mass purge. With Google+ (which requires you to register using your real name) recently overtaking them in terms of active users, it was clear that Twitter had to do something to clean up it’s act.

I only want to use Twitter to have meaningful conversations. I’m not interested in spam. If you want me follow you back, engage with me like a human being.

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