Team Building – An Essential Tool for Businesses of any Size

Team Building – An Essential Tool for Businesses of any Size

To small business owners, the idea of paying to take staff on a team building exercise may seem like a luxury better suited to larger corporations but with the substantial benefits that things such as exercise can have on team functionality, team spirit and morale, it should be viewed as an investment in your team.

What’s more, the modern team building industry offers an increasing number of activities suitable for smaller group numbers and lower budgets.

As it is teams that achieve results for a business, optimal team functionality is something any business owner or entrepreneur should be striving for. Even in industries where individuals within a team are hardly ever required to communicate, the value of a positive team spirit will encourage the sharing of ideas and problems that can only benefit collective performance and morale. Although a team may be functioning well together, who knows what more could be achieved by improving this.

Furthermore, human beings are social animals craving positive social interaction and a sense of belonging in any environment – this is significant for morale and motivation. The workplace is no exception.

Team Building Events

There is no better way of boosting team functionality than on a team building event. These involve a collective team challenge or learning new skills together outside the office environment. From treasure hunts to tank driving, or circus skills to cookery workshops, the modern team building industry provides a diverse range of team building activities to suit any team. What they have in common is that they provide teams with an exciting collective challenge requiring them to work together with considerable benefits.

The Benefits of Team Building

Improved Team Functioning
Communication – The need to work together on a challenge will encourage communication, as any team will need to share ideas and solve problems. A relaxed atmosphere and a fun activity will make team members more open and stimulate interaction. The experience of a team building exercise will benefit team communication in a working environment.

Development and discovery of skills – Although driving a tank or cooking a gourmet meal may not seem like relevant skills to a team of accountants for instance, team building exercises are highly interactive and immersive and can be customised to stretch and challenge a team; developing skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership and problem solving. In addition, businesses may benefit by discovering skills in team members they did not know existed.

Teamwork – by becoming more aware of each other’s skills, teams will be able to combine their skills more effectively in meeting the challenges they face. By working together on challenges outside the normal workplace environment they will also become more adaptable as a team.

Boosting Morale and Team Spirit
Togetherness – When working together towards a common goal or challenge on a stimulating activity, a team will feel a greater sense of connection, making individuals feel better about their working environment and encouraging more open communication.

Better Relationships – These come about through the development of shared memories and the encouragement of broader communication as a result of sharing time together outside the office environment.

Morale – However much we enjoy our work, a fun and stimulating challenge in an alternative situation can provide much needed refreshment to prepare you for future challenges. Spending this time with workmates will encourage individuals to see those they work with not as people who they are forced to spend time with, but as people whom they enjoy spending time with.

Happy Team Building!

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