It’s good to talk – Customer service solutions for SMEs

A report issued this month by Redshift showed that 43% of consumers regularly abandon their online shopping carts and over half do so because there was no support from a customer service assistant. These statistics highlight the importance of offline engagement to support online activity. As the old adage goes, people want to do business with people.

When consumers are buying items online, in particular big ticket items, our experience shows that consumers still want to talk to someone as part of the transaction. By doing so, it reassures them that they are dealing with a reputable organisation. However, mention “sales assistant” or “customer service agent” to an SME and you often invoke an image of a large call centre. But with the advancements in cloud based technology, SMEs can engage with and offer support to their customers during the online buying process in a cost effective way.

Callback buttons are not rocket science but were previously out of reach for many SMEs due to cost and complex integration systems. They allow website owners to place a button on their site that customers can hit when they want to speak to someone, maybe because they’re experiencing issues using a site or simply want to ask some questions. The Callback button then automates the Callback process, connecting an agent to the customer. Crucially, it will do this immediately (or scheduled for the next working day if the enquiry is out of hours) and will keep trying if the customer is engaged until a connection is made.

These buttons ensure companies respond quickly to customers. This is critical given that a competitor’s site is only ever one click away and over 40% of sales begin online but complete offline. SMEs now have the option to extend the Callback service further, by integrating SMS –- a service that CloudIQ have recently launched to the SME market through their smartSMS app. This medium is particularly compelling for smaller businesses given that texts are read within five minutes of being received 97.5% of the time.

Simple tools for small businesses which offer familiar engagement options for consumers make it easier for SMEs to talk to customers again. At a time when every sale really counts, the return of voice to the digital world should be welcomed.

CloudIQThis helpful sponsored business information was provided by Louise Robertson of CloudIQ.

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