Infographic: Working From Home

Teleworking is growing in popularity, but there will always be critics and detractors or perhaps even bosses who are dead set against it. But do they have reason to be skeptical?

Today’s infographic shows the best and worst of home working, including the results of an experiment by O2 where they asked 2,500 employees from their head office to work from home for one day. Cumulatively there were 2,000 hours of commuting time saved and 1,040 of those hours were used for additional working. That’s a big productivity boost for any business!

But the infographic also highlights the negative aspects of working from home, including distractions such as pets and household chores. Amusingly, 7% of those surveyed said that they worked from home in their underwear or birthday suit so although working from is still a great idea for small businesses, you might want to avoid videoconferencing!



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