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Day April 23, 2013

Dealing with “no”

Dealing with “no”

In my post titled “I’m really busy” I said I would deal with those people who say “no”. Dealing with “no” can be one of the hardest things we have to do. It is the most negative word that we come up against and has a finality that most of us accept. Although I did…

Cloud Misconceptions

Cloud Computing has been around for a long time now, but misconceptions still persist about it. Many of these misconceptions only persist because of inaccurate reporting in the media. I’ve just read a useful article on Business2Community that highlights some of the misconceptions that I’ve heard (and I’m still hearing) whenever I speak to people…

CloudChat for your business or project

CloudChat for your business or project

Real-time communication is an important part of successful remote working. That’s why WinWeb have recently added a great free CloudChat module to all their apps, allowing you to speak directly with the people you are working with and taking integration one step further. Find out how to activate your free CloudChat add-on today.

(via WinWeb Business Blog)

Infographic: 4 Years of Global Recovery

The last four years have been a difficult time for many small businesses. One group of people that gets to see firsthand evidence of the effect of the recession on businesses are accountants. The global body for professional accountants ACCA has put together the interesting infographic below showing how the global recovery has looked to…

The Morals of Entrepreneurship

Intrinsic in all dealings of men is the Rubicon we all must respect to ensure the continued existence of the system. To the entrepreneur, this rule is no exception. As a growing entrepreneur, I have often wondered, what is the golden rule to being an entrepreneur? Dealing with other people? Are there no limits? What…

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