Top 5 Tips for Finding Work on LinkedIn


Believe it or not, LinkedIn has been around for a decade now and it is often the first place that potential employers visit to find out more about the people applying for their jobs. If they don’t like what they see, it will undoubtedly play a part in their decision to hire them or not. Here are our Top 5 Tips for finding work via your LinkedIn profile:

1. You will need to craft a summary that provides a good representation of your career. You only have a few hundred words to get your point across, so make sure that whatever you write is adequate. This may involve multiple drafts and rewrites before you are able to come up with a few paragraphs that you feel provide a good summation of your career. You should also fill out the “Experience” and “Skills & Expertise” sections in full.

2. If you create content online – whether it is written work or website design – your LinkedIn profile should showcase this. If you aren’t a content creator, then link to your most high-profile customers instead and mention what it is you provide them with.

3. Try to get at least a few recommendations. Although they may seem a bit pointless, the recommendation will at least show up on both your and their profile. All the people who are connected to that person will see the recommendation. Try messaging a few of your contacts to see if they will recommend you and ask to see what they have written before publishing it – that way you still have control over what potential employers will see.

4. Get a custom URL for your page so it will be easier to find when people search for you online and also simpler for you to memorise and give out to people at networking functions and other events.

5. Don’t forget to ‘Connect’ with people. A lot of work can be found simply through connecting to a large network of contacts and being able to see when they are hiring.

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