Make your Business Event Invitation a Golden Ticket with an Exciting Activity

Make your Business Event Invitation a Golden Ticket with an Exciting Activity

Business events are an essential way for businesses of all sizes to drive sales and brand awareness. A recent survey showed that 71% of small businesses feel that this is important to the success of their organisation and that small businesses on average hosted 13-14 events per year.

However the same survey also found that whilst small businesses have little difficulty promoting or staffing the event; they found it more difficult to get replies and maximise attendance.

Business events are all about people, people to make aware of your brand and to generate business from, and this makes maximising attendance crucial.

To ensure that you achieve this, it is essential to have a proposition that grabs the attention of your potential guests and ensures they enjoy the event. However focussed your attendees the human attention span is limited and their concentration will wane if forced to sit through a series of lectures or speeches.

Whilst events may help provide x-factor for unveiling new products or services, guests are unlikely to go out of their way to be pitched to and may be discouraged by commercial undertones.

Networking benefits may be enticing for businesses although they must be convinced that your event will attract a good crowd.

To really incentivise attendance, the inclusion of a ‘wow factor’ is the magic ingredient for transforming your RSVP Slip into a golden ticket. The best type of wow factor is an exciting participative activity that gets all your guests and delegates involved. This is a fantastic way to break the ice and putting them all in an open and positive mood beneficial for networking.

Furthermore the better the experience you can provide them the better this will reflect on your brand and the more memorable your event will be. Entertainment or guest speakers may also compel attendance but the best way to really energise your event is a participative activity that gets everyone involved.

The best approach is to take an imaginative approach in brainstorming ideas. You can then assess these according to your budget. The modern events industry offers a wealth of event ice-breaker and energising activities to suit a range of businesses. Ice carving and drumming are just a couple of examples of activities that can really invigorate your event and get your guests talking. As a result, your date in their diary goes from a dull conference to an exciting day out of the office especially if you can offer them a quirky or unusual experience. Many event options can be held within the main conference hall without the need for additional room hire.

Activities in the middle of the day are a great way to divide up your event and maintain attention spans. Alternatively, an activity at the beginning of the day can be fantastic to break the ice between guests.

Whatever you decide, make sure you create an event which compels maximum attendance and that your guests will remember.

Best of luck with your event!

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