Freedom From Bosses Forever

Freedom From Bosses Forever

My friend Tony Robinson OBE – joint Head Enterprise Rocker and Small Business Blog contributor – is also a well-respected business author.

He has written seven books in total but his magnum opus has to be “Stripping For Freedom“. Along with his co-author Leonora Soculitherz he wrote one of the funniest business books in history, as we proclaimed here back in 2010 when I reviewed it.

Tony has even used a quote from my review and put it right on the front cover of the latest version of the now classic tome. Now entitled “Freedom from Bosses Forever“, the book has been updated as an exclusive e-book version that can be read on Kindle and other devices.

So if you still haven’t got yourself a copy of Stripping For Freedom (why not?!) then head over to Amazon and pick up the digital version for less than a pint of lager. Surely that’s a small price to pay for freedom from bosses, forever?

Or if you are a fan of the original Stripping for Freedom and want to see Robinson and Soculitherz collaborate again in the future, make sure you leave a review on this version too!

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