The Importance of the Name Badge

The Importance of the Name Badge

The decision of whether or not to have name badges as part of your staff uniform can seem like a trivial thing, but clever use of this tool could become part of your marketing as well as for the customer experience.

An Honest and Open Approach

Wearing a name badge can be used as a form of introduction as you are giving customers – and prospective customers – your name and company name so they feel more at ease. As a member of staff, you are an extension of the company you work for and a name badge offers a degree of professionalism and openness that is expected in customer-facing businesses.

All for One and One for All

For the name badge to work for your company, you need everyone to take part in it. From co-worker to management level it needs to be common practice so that you project a consistency and reliability.

The Wearer

Moving away from the benefits of company appearance to the customer, name badges also make the wearer feel part of the team and this promotes a greater awareness of conduct while in uniform. When a member of staff feels part of a team, it will help them to feel invested in the company and the way it is perceived by the general public.

Marketing: The Relaxed Approach

There is so much more than your name and company name that can go on a name badge. Not to blow your mind or anything, but the possibilities are endless. It is also a great marketing tool if done well. An example of a company which has created an informal and friendly persona with their name badges is Odeon Cinemas who incorporate the wearer’s favourite film along with their first name and the company logo. Ben and Jerry’s also incorporate their staff member’s favourite ice cream flavour into their badges. This approach gives a more relaxed feeling to the company and one in which the staff are very involved with the company’s product – films and ice cream.

Formality Where It Is Needed

The relaxed approach used with Odeon and Ben and Jerry’s will not work with businesses where serious matters are discussed or where you are discussing personal issues. This is where the ‘full name’ approach comes in. Displaying your full name promotes professionalism and tells the customer that you are an individual as well as part of a company. When a delicate matter needs to be discussed, you don’t need to know that Gerry likes Top Gun and Chocolate Fudge Flavour ice cream.

When considering the use of staff name badges in your company, it is clear to see that it is an ‘all or nothing’ approach. First you need to decide on whether you are going for formal, or informal in tone, and then you need to make it a company-wide requirement for everyone to wear them. If you sway towards a yes, Badgemaster are one of the leading companies in engraved employee name badges, working with some of the largest companies in the UK.

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