Use the F word to ensure your business stands out

Use the F word to ensure your business stands out

Conformity is a real business problem especially in the field of marketing promotions. In fact it’s a disease that left unchecked, sends companies to the wall.

When you’re promoting your business, you naturally want your message to stand out, be remembered and ideally go viral. Yet, so many businesses camouflage what they say because they unwittingly follow supposed rules and what others in their sector are doing. As a result nothing stands out, nothing is remembered, there’s no viral marketing spin-off and in the worst cases, no sales result.

Recommended remedy

Research shows that emotions drive behaviour and ‘happiness’ and ‘surprise’ are two of the six primary emotions. Used well, humour can reach right through to the core of our mind and typically receives an immediate and positive reaction.

So how might your business stand out from the crowd if you spiced up your marketing promotions with a bit of ‘Fun’? Obviously, ill thought through concepts and tired jokes are likely to have a detrimental effect, so spend time and consult others when developing ideas.

If you want to see how others are using humour to help get important messages across, the following two examples are definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

This brilliant short promotional film aimed at budding entrepreneurs, shows how an original idea mixed with great scripting, powerful imagery and timing hits the spot. Compare this approach to the standard way that business support agencies and networking groups promote themselves.

And this viral marketing campaign from Trunk Monkey has been watched by millions of people thanks to an Auto Group that thought differently. It demonstrates that a bit of time and money can go a long way.

If you have any other good examples of how Fun is used as part of any marketing promotions campaign to help products or services stand out, then please do get back to me. Good luck with your own work and keep smiling!

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