Best jobs of the future

Best jobs of the future

Futurologists have revealed what they expect to be the most highly paid jobs in 2030.

You’ve probably never heard of most of them because they don’t actually exist yet. Could one of your children or grandchildren be one of the very first “Vertical Farmers’, who makes the most of limited space by growing plants upwards like a skyscraper? Or perhaps they could be a nano-medic that creates tiny nanotechnology implants to improve the health of their patients?

Some of the suggestions are quite outlandish, but all the things involving elderly care are likely to be crucical in the future as all of us continue to live longer.

As always, it’s probably best to remain skeptical about these sorts of things – after all, who would have predicted five years ago that “Social Media Consultant” would be a viable career option for so many?

via The Telegraph

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