Ecommerce Set for the High Street

It’s good news for the economy, after the first quarter has shown some promising results for the UK economy.

Since the economic crash of 2008, it’s been a rough ride for the UK. With the economy growing and falling so much in recent years, according to the Guardian, the rise of 0.6% from the previous quarters -0.3% allows us to be only cautiously optimistic. However, it looks like there’s reason for small businesses to look forward to a brighter future.

Now that the government’s Funding for Lending scheme is underway, with tweaks allowing further lending to start-up businesses, things should get a little easier for SMEs in 2013.

The virtual shop

Increasingly, established and successful companies are turning to the internet to increase sales and brand awareness. For a small, established businesses, however, starting up in a physical shop can be costly and can’t guarantee success.

Starting up a business isn’t an easy process, but the advent of the internet has made things a little simpler for companies just starting out. The internet is an excellent starting platform.

Setting up an online shop allows for sales across the country, not just where the company happens to be based. With only a few people needed to run a small and successful online-based company, it’s no wonder that online-based businesses are growing. But it looks like now, there’s the chance for online companies to step away from their roots and set up shops on the High Street.

Making the move

One company which proves a small, online shop could be the start of something big is Oak Furniture Land. Starting out as an eBay trader back in 2003, the BBC reports that the furniture company has since opened shops across the UK to further reach out to potential customers.

Another online-based shop which has started breaking into the High Street is

Setting up their first shop in Wales, Swansea, the co-founder of the electronic cigarette company told South Wales Evening Post: “Customers have told us they want to be able to pop to a shop to get their electronic cigarette supplies, especially if they have forgotten to order refills.”

A face to the name

Not only does setting up a physical shop put a human side to an otherwise faceless company, but it’s sure to help out the local economy. Given that there are jobs to be had when an online company sets up shops, if more small businesses follow suit, that 0.3% could have grown by this time next year.

There’s also the added bonus of allowing customers to try products before they buy them. If an online store is a success, the next thing on any small businesses’ list should be considering setting up a High Street shop.

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