Positive Social Media Interaction

Positive Social Media Interaction

Some businesses have trouble dealing with criticism online. If you have an irate customer bad mouthing your business on social media, how would you respond?

This article on The Guardian Small Business Network has some sensible advice for anyone unsure about how to handle negative feedback on social media, including the importance of listening carefully to their viewpoint before deciding on a reply. Writing responses in haste will likely only end up getting you in further trouble.

The article also suggests that you adopt an open-minded attitude because sometimes customers or potential customers will have valid feedback that you can incorporate into your business in order to improve it. Perhaps most importantly, you should always be honest and straightforward with them. If there is a problem with your products that you attempt to gloss over, the customer will be even more irate than if you talk candidly about it.

Have you had experience of dealing with negative feedback over social media and, if so, do you feel like you handled it correctly or are there things you wish had been done differently?

via The Guardian Small Business Network

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