Top 5 Summer Business Tips


It is just over three weeks until the official start of Summer 2013. The changing of a season is a great excuse to make changes in your business that you have been putting off for awhile. Here are our Top 5 Tips for Summer:

1. Adopt a summer theme to your marketing efforts. Many families will take their holidays during the school holidays, so if you sell products that might be popular on holiday or will keep the kids amused for awhile, this is what your marketing message should focus on.

2. There are always a lot of fun things happening during the summer, ranging from blockbuster movies to major sporting events. Try to tie your marketing into these somehow, even if it just involves writing posts on your company blog that mention them in an appropriate way.

3. If you rely on foot traffic to support your business, you might potentially receive less during the summer period as people take time off work to go on holiday and day trips. Make sure that the online side of your business is all set up to allow people to purchase from you online to compensate for any loss in physical sales.

4. Ensure that customers will keep coming back to your business by starting a loyalty scheme to encourage them. It won’t require a huge investment and all you will need to do is provide them with a small reward for their continued patronage.

5. Get together with other local businesses to put together a summer event that will bring the community together or perhaps just sponsor an existing event. This will get your name out there and be a great marketing opportunity too.

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