Feisty Enterprise Tip #4: Seek Advice From Those That Have Started and Successfully Run Their Own Micro Enterprise

Yes, I know that this means that there’ll be some good advice that you’ll ignore because it has come from someone that hasn’t started a business. Equally, I’m not saying that you should accept all advice from those that have started and run a business. After all, Tony Robinson OBE is an example of someone that runs a business, but whose advice I would never accept – mainly because I don’t understand what he says. He can’t even pronounce his own name properly.

I am saying that it is very, very dangerous to accept advice from those that haven’t done something similar to what you want to do. It is usually safe to ignore all the stuff that looks like conventional business guidance.

I’ve done a quick Google and here are some of the topics which often are covered by ‘conventional business guidance’ and it is usually garbage: ‘How to create a great business idea?’, ‘How to pitch your business idea to investors?’, ‘Getting finance’ ‘There’s a business in you’, ‘Business planning’, ‘Get a mentor/coach’ (often from a bank or corporate) and anything about technology or social media from a telecoms or technology or social media corporate.

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