Top tips for Print Advertising


Not long ago I was travelling on the London Underground and caught sight of this advert at Kings Cross Station. The image made me chuckle. More importantly for Vodafone, it got my attention.

Unfortunately, so many print ads fail to perform like this Vodafone ad. In fact vast amounts of money are wasted by businesses placing ads that don’t work at all.

But there’s some good news for SMEs.

Whilst our marketing budgets may be no match for corporate spending power, the secret principles that make promotions work are always on show. We just need to analyse what’s in front of our eyes.

So using the Vodafone advert as an example, what are the principles of a great ad?

Here are 5 tips for print advertising:

• Keep a single message focused & simple

• Powerful imagery works far better than words

• If possible, reach your audience on an emotional level

• Use space in the advert so the content doesn’t ‘fight’

• Include a ‘call to action’ so readers know what to do next

Good luck with your next ad. If you experience better results it would be great to get your feedback.

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