Feisty Enterprise Tip #5: It’s Often Better To Pay For Professional Advice Than Accept Free Advice

Examples of free advice might be that provided or funded by national, regional or local government or banks or help from volunteer advisers, coaches and mentors that haven’t successfully run their own businesses. It can be dangerous rubbish you get from them but because you’re starting out you don’t know that.

Most accountants and book-keepers have started and run their own business and offer a free initial consultation. If you’re like me and you’d rather get out for a bit of retail therapy rather than you’ll find messing around with numbers, tax collecting and form filling just too irksome. These boring bean counters can be useful bods.

Choose an accountant or book keeper, that’s been in their own business for over three years. They’ll help you to put together a realistic start up plan. Why? Because they’ll have seen lots of their clients start up in the past and they can pass this knowledge onto you.

So, from what they’ve seen in the real world they’ll be the best at estimating how much money you need and where you might get it, what are your realistic earnings, how to keep the cash flowing and how to minimise your costs – useful stuff huh?

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