Smart Communications Solutions

Smart Communications Solutions

The development of the internet and its subsequent widespread use has provided us with an incredible leap in technological progress that, so far, remains unparalleled in recent history. Especially communications technology benefited immensely from the World Wide Web, improving not only the speed of communication but also minimising its cost, which in the world of business is an invaluable amenity. Accordingly, businesses are well advised to explore and unearth the internet’s cost saving potential, wherever possible. While the internet still holds new innovations that are yet to be discovered there are several more obvious ways to save money with the aid of the web that are easily overlooked.

Calling via the Internet

Okay so many of us already know the joys of Skype and Viber and have an account. Although one of the rather underrated communication innovations is voice over IP (VoIP), or, in other words, phoning over the internet. Instead of a separate telephone connection, all calls will be conducted over the internet, making a classic telephone connection redundant and saving the cost of an extensive phone bill. VoIP phones illustrated here are a smart solution for any business, especially for those with high communications traffic. Crucial for the successful operation of Voice over IP, however, is an internet connection with sufficient speed and bandwidth, in order to eliminate the possibility of interference between regular traffic and phone traffic. So making sure that those foundations are solidified first will lower the annoyances of delay and unexpected errors in the long run.

Voice over IP on the Go

Combining Voice over IP technology with mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops provides a company and its employees with easy-access and cost-efficient communication no matter if they are in the office or out with a client. Utilising all available technology does not only modernise a business but also improves its efficiency and saves on costs. Voice over IP also provides an improvement in video conferencing, especially in combination with mobile devices, as it enables video conferences anywhere and anytime. Whereas many benefits of the internet are virtually obvious, it is left to the innovative business professionals and SMEs to discover its full potential.

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