Should young people join start-ups?

Should young people join start-ups?

The obvious answer to this question is “yes, of course” but the reality of the matter is that getting young people (and particularly graduates) to come aboard an actual start-up can be a tough sell.

When faced with the uncertain path of start-up employment or a straightforward trek up the career ladder, it is understandable why a graduate laden with years of student debt to pay off might opt for the latter.

On top of this, according to an article from the World Economic Froum workshops, many graduates have a strange concept of what a start-up is and think that companies like Google and Facebook count.

Young people are obviously getting bad career advice from their elders at some point during their education if they perceive big corporations as being their only option.

The skills and competencies (not mention the fun!) that can be achieved through working in a start-up is something that cannot be replicated in larger organisations and will place them in good stead for their entire career.

via World Economic Forum

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