How Important are Business Exhibitions to Small Businesses?

How Important are Business Exhibitions to Small Businesses?

Although marketing techniques have changed in recent years, there is no denying the important role that an exhibition plays. Grouping together a range of companies into a public space is perfect for both networking and selling. Business exhibitions, when chosen correctly, will give you access to other companies and clients that you simply may not find any other way. There are still many industries that see attending regular business exhibitions as a necessity for success, particularly if you’re a B2B company. The scope of trade shows, fairs and exhibitions is impressive, with every niche seeming to be catered for.

If you’ve never attended an exhibition before and want to know what the benefits are then here’s a simple list.

  • Everyone is a lead, in their own way. All the attendees of your relevant business exhibition are looking for people to work with. This may not necessarily end in a sale but it certainly means that you’ll have a pool of companies and customers that are all interested in your area of expertise from the moment they walk in the door!
  • Gives you real world experience with marketing your product or service in a pressured environment. You have moments to sell your business before the average punter will switch off so there’s no better way to really hone those skills.
  • Preparing your exhibition stand is an excellent way to look at how your brand appears at first glance. You can opt for displays that are specific to business exhibitions such as shell scheme graphics or something more versatile. Investing in items such as banner stands and literature stands would be a good way to invest in displays that you can easily reuse.
  • By attending business exhibitions you can learn a terrific amount about how other companies promote and the tricks of the trade that are in effect. Not only that but you can learn directly how outsiders will view your company and feedback is often worth its weight in gold.
  • You can make friends and network in a completely new environment. This doesn’t just count for the exhibition during the day either as many of these events also hold socials once the day is over. This means that you can work on your sales pitch in a variety of settings, possibly making contacts you’ll keep for years.

If you find yourself unable to get your own stand then just attending an exhibition can still be helpful with regards to growing your brand. Take several business cards, work on your 30 second sales pitch and simply see if relevant companies are interested. Just be careful that you don’t end up interrupting an important sale, there’s no faster way to make an enemy at an exhibition.

This helpful sponsored business information was written by Kelly Edwards on behalf of Marler Haley.

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