Infographic: Startup Trends

The world of startups moves at a very rapid pace and there is no guarantee that something which is hot now will still be hot six months down the line. Are you up-to-date with the latest startup trends?

In 2013, social network game development is an extremely popular choice for startups, with an absolutely huge projected 5 year compound annual growth rate.

Today’s infographic takes a look at some of the hottest startups that are popular right now and looks back at some of the buzzworthy ventures that have now disappeared into relative obscurity such as and delicious.

There is a lot of interesting information packed into the infographic (for example, did you know that Twitter was the fourth-most acquisitive company of 2012?) so check it out to learn more about startups.

Start Me Up: What's Hot in the World of Startups
Image compliments of Business MBA Degrees
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