5 Of The Best Education Marketing Tips For Twitter

Twitter has rapidly established itself as one of the best marketing and promotion tools available. Its bite-sized content and highly social nature means it’s the perfect platform for getting people to talk about your educational establishment. From events and goings on to staff recruitment, Twitter is incredibly powerful.

However, getting the best out of Twitter for education marketing takes more than just tweeting about whatever pops into your head. Like any good marketing strategy it requires careful thought and deliberate action to get the best results. Here are 5 of the best education marketing tips for Twitter.

  • 1. Interact.
  • Although Twitter is great for making announcements or linking through to news or blog posts about your establishment it should never been seen as merely a broadcast tool. What’s brilliant about Twitter is that it allows you to have meaningful interactions with other users. Twitter can be put to great use for things such as student attraction by interacting directly with potential students. Putting a human face on your college or university will foster good relationships and could result in increased interest in what you have to offer.

  • 2. Offer Value.
  • If you want your Twitter account to have the most impact you need to be posting about relevant and engaging content. While the occasional tweet about the batch of cakes being enjoyed in the office is fine, and help to keep a personal edge, you need to make sure that every tweet pulls its weight. Twitter isn’t just about how many followers you have, but how much interaction you get on your updates, because this increases your reach. In short it’s about influence, and if you want to be influential you need to tweet about things people want to hear about.

  • 3. Real Time Promotion.
  • Twitter is obviously great for promoting your educational establishment and interacting with students and potential students. One of its greatest strengths for education marketing is as a platform to drive interest in events. Pre-event tweeting is vital, but you can also release a steady stream of tweets throughout an event to increase interest. If you’ve got an open day or careers fair on then be sure to tweet about it, give updates before talks and so on to drum up footfall and interest. It’s also a great way to get people who couldn’t attend in person engaged with things.

  • 4. Use Vine.
  • Humans are very visual and video can have a profound and lasting impact, especially as a marketing tool. Vine is the mobile video app for Twitter. Now, although it only allows for 6 second clips it offers a wealth of opportunities for educational marketing. You could use it to highlight interesting goings on around campus, or to shout about some of the great facilities and teaching that is going on.

  • 5. Promote Others’ Content.
  • This might seem an odd one, but it really works. If all your Twitter account does is push news and articles about the school/college then a lot of people might get bored quickly. By judiciously posting about relevant and interesting content from bloggers, newspapers and so on, people will start to think of your establishment as part of a vibrant community. It’s also likely that your sharing will get you retweeted which really helps extend your reach.

Don’t overlook Twitter when it comes to your marketing strategy. Its power and importance can’t be overstated and although it will take some work to get things going the benefits are far reaching.

These education marketing tips for Twitter were sponsored by 360 Education, a specialist education marketing agency who are dedicated to helping educational institutions.

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